Video Content Creation Services
We make full-service videos specialising in animation and motion graphics. We provide custom solutions for each of our clients including concept development, scripting, editing, narration and sound. We also offer guidance on filming when necessary to make sure you have the footage needed to create a high-quality video. We work virtually to provide our clients with everything needed to create the video content you need for your business, wherever you are in the world. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you with your specific video content creation needs. 
Our Process
Our full service videos include each of these steps. We can help you to develop your video from scratch or work with your existing concepts and materials. We provide custom quotes and only charge you for the pieces of the process that you need. 
We Create Videos for:
- Explainer Videos
- Facebook Ads
- Social Media Content
- Product Launches
- Event Promotions
- Case Studies and Testimonials
- Customer Onboarding
- Tutorials and Product Documentation
- And More!

Contact us now to let us know about your video content needs!

"Working with Stone Golem was a true pleasure. Yes! We got a great animated explainer video, but the process was more important as we used what we learned in all elements of marketing afterwards."
Erlend Bakke: CEO 3sixtyfactory & Autopix  
"I’m so impressed with the videos SGS created for my Facebook Ads. They were so professional and easy to work with and offered great ideas that have contributed to my CTR doubling since launching my new ads!"
Elli runkles: Online Business Owner
"I was really impressed with how quickly Stone Golem understood my brand and worked with me to make something that matched the tone of my company perfectly." 
Margaret O’Conner - Owner of MoC Millinery
"Stone Golem are a creative force. We first hired them to provide animation & design to a project with Danone. They made an instant impact in the creative direction of the project and were an invaluable asset to our team."
Carmen Iborra: President Fundacion Trilema
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